Monday, July 26, 2010


i have been writing 'poems' lately. i want to post them, but i don't know if i should! should i? i know SOMEONE is looking at this website, but i don't actually know who. tell me if i should! like via formspring or honesty box or pidgin or something, please pretty please.

in other news, i ran 1.5 miles on concrete today barefoot, and now my feet are bleeding, kind of, but i don't have any band-aids and don't want to go to walgreens/move in general, so i don't know what to do! i've also crashed the pitchfork vip section, met one of my favorite 'bands' (got her to sign my copy of mrs. dalloway because i am a tool who didn't have anything else to write on), crashed a wedding, biked fifty miles in one day for the first time (and got caught in the rain and got asked out by a guy who, five minutes previous, justified rape!), also got hit on by a gang member who didn't stop after i told him i was sixteen, and learned latin, kind of. i freak out less and read and write more and sometimes pretend that i'm in a phil spector girl group, so for once i'm actually liking summer. whoo! but answer my question! should i type things up?
one day i'll stop looking for validation, i swear, but until then... humor me? :-P

Sunday, July 11, 2010

best day ever.
can't even articulate it right now because i rode my bike 50+ miles, and my legs are about to fall off. will update this when i can think straight with something hopefully interesting. yay!

this song describes my love life, always.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

i think i'm going to start liking leslie gore

At the moment, all I really want is an overweight cat, my dad to move out to Portland, and a great books education at a not-great-books college. I've been spending my nighttimes studying Latin in the basement of a science library among books that smell like dust and listening to songs that I (resentfully) recognize would've 'defined me' six months ago; I really wish liking your taste was the same as liking you, and I wish I didn't feel so one dimensional. Also, why the hell do I keep dreaming that I'm dying?
But, heyhey, there are fireworks tonight, and I won't be doing any sort of psychedelic acrobatics, so let's hope I can keep my composure, especially since I lovelove Chicago.